Friday, May 16, 2014

CRIMSON FISTS Part 4: Sternguard Veterans

If the fluff of the Crimson Fists demands heavy weapons, the crunch definitely asks for Sternguard Vets. Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists, is an unique character in the game which has a special rule allowing Sternguard to score objectives (although with the advent of 7th edition, who knows how this will be FAQed).

Sternguard vets carry their signature special ammunition, which allows you to choose between "ignore cover", "poisoned (2+)", or "AP3 gets hot" bolt rounds. Needless to say, the flexibility is extremely handy. Another unique advantage of fielding Sternguard is access to two special weapons, including the heavy flamer. In addition, any number of veterans can replace their bolter with a combi-bolter of any kind. Sternguard work best delivered by Drop Pods, to position them exactly where you need your opponents key unit destroyed. A ten-man unit with two heavy flamers and five combi-meltas, is flexible enough to take out hordes, heavy vehicles, monstrous creatures, or even elite units (although they struggle a bit against 2+ armor). While not as good in close combat as their Vanguard brethren, each vet sports two attacks each, and they even have access to power weapons or power fists if you anticipate them being engaged.

All an all, this unit is fantastic, and the backbone of any Space Marine force including Pedro Kantor among their ranks.

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